Welcome BACK!

"We are your hosts Anne-Alida and Aj"

Hi Friends,  Welcome to our Valentines Day Special.  We are glad you are here.

Today we are going to talk about role models and relationships. What types of role models have you chosen to follow in your life?  We all are greatly influenced by a wide range of people. Some people in our lives have been good and helpful influences; and sometimes with or without realizing it we allow others to influence us toward poor or even harmful decisions.  The preteen years are years of change and growth in all of us.  

  We are so happy to have two special guests…they are one of the middle school pastors of our church, Ethan and Melia.  Welcome Ethan and Melia!  They are not only Pastors of our Middle School they are also newly married and great role models in each of our lives. 

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