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Welcome BACK!   "We are your hosts Anne-Alida and Aj."

Listen now to OUR NEWEST Episode 'Owning Your Education' 

Thirty states are now closed through the remainder of the school year — 27 by mandate, three by state recommendation. 

When learning goes from the classroom to the kitchen table we have to make it our personal priority to study, read, and care.  IF we do not we could put our education in jeopardy.  Watching our world as a whole come to a stand still can leave us feeling like our education doesn’t matter.  

It is easy to put down the books and pick up our phones, TV remote controls and video game players.   IF we don’t want to be educated no one can make us. We can take tests, read, and turn in homework, but if we don’t care our understanding will not grow and we will find ourselves stuck. 

We must learn to fight for our education. Listen now and learn how!

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